• Challenges and opportunities for thermal power generation in the present day
  • Advancements and best O&M practices in thermal power plants.
  • Emerging trends in power technology.
  • Application of AI  and IOT in the power industry.
  • Efficiency improvement, Energy conservations and management.
  • Innovations and modernization in Coal storage and blending process
  • Ash utilization – Innovations & practical approach
  • Innovation and modernization in the mitigation of environmental norms
  • FGD and DeNOx technologies and their suitability.
  • Eco- friendly power generation and sustainability.
  • Flexible power generation
  • Challenges and opportunities in the Power market.
  • Optimisation of inventory and working capital.
  • Refurbishment, Renovation, Modernization, Residual Life Assessment and Extension of Older Units
  • Energy- Economics & Environment.
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