Professionals from industry, power utilities, academic institutions, power plant equipment manufacturers(OEMs), consultants and service providers, research-fellows, students, Non-Government Organisation (NGOs), Government and Statutory Authorities, etc.

Submission OF PAPERS

A soft copy of the abstract and full-length paper in word format may be uploaded on conference.jipt.org or e-mailed to jipt@jindalpower.com

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Guidelines for paper submission

All the papers for presentation in the Conference shall be submitted should meet the general format and style requirements as specified below:

1. Authors are requested to forward the following in (soft copy only) :

  • The abstract of the paper should not exceed 500 words.
  • Biodata (CV) is to be submitted in short.
  • Photo of the main & co-author – .jpg or .jpeg format
  • Full manuscript – PDF format only
  • Pre-defined file naming structure for each of the soft copies, listed above, to be submitted is explained below: CATEGORY-COMPANY/STATION Name-AUTHOR-Type-Sub Type Explanation of Filename structure: Author: Surname(to differentiate in case of multiple papers from same company/organization) Type : Main – For Main paper, Abs – Abstract, CV – Biodata, Photo – Photo file(.jpg or .jpeg) Sub Type : Main – For Main paper, , etc)

2. Format requirements:

  • Language: Articles must be submitted in Standard English.
  • Originality/Copyright: All the contents must be original and the Author will only be responsible for any issues which may arise w.r.t copyright/IPR.
  • Paper: Paper Size: A4 Paper orientation: Portrait
  • FONT SIZE: Title: 14 Author’s Name: 12 point Bold Affiliation & Address: 9 point Italics Headings: 10 point Bold capital Sub-headings: 10 points Bold Text: 10 point Normal Footer: 9 point Italics (footer should Not exceed page margins) FONT: ARIAL(preferred)
  • Tables, Figures, Equations: Tables plus figures should not exceed a total of six. All tables, figures, and references must necessarily be labeled (e.g. Figure 1, Table 2, Equation (3), etc.,) and must be referred to in the text.
  • Graphics: All graphic images must necessarily be included /embedded in the document itself. No separate image or graphic shall be accepted. In case an image is available for inclusion, such an image must be scanned and then inserted into the document at its proper place.
  • Mode of submission: All the requests for submission of papers for presentation in the conference shall be mailed to the e-mail Id of JIPT or online in conference ID.
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