The two days conference has been arranged where various experts in the respective fields will meet, discuss and eventually come out with strategies and innovative, practical solutions .This Conference will definitely go in the long way to find out new directions and solutions in the present context for revamping and boosting up of power generation business.


The conference will be a common platform where new strategies will be skimmed out through the deliberations of experience and knowledge by the professionals, academicians, faculties, participants which will include technical papers and case studies by research fellows, expert personnels and various stakeholders. At the end of this program the recommendations will be recapitulated and shared with all participants.

Key Thrust Areas

• Operational and commercial Challenges in thermal power generation.
• Advancements and best O&M practices in thermal power plants.
• Emerging trends in power technology.
• Application of AI and IOT, drones, APR in power industry.
• Efficiency improvement, energy conservations and management.
• Innovations and modernization in coal storage and blending process.
• Ash utilization – Innovations & practical approach.
• Challenges and solutions in mitigation of environmental norms.
• FGD and DeNOx technologies and their suitability.
• Eco- friendly power generation and sustainability.
• Flexible power generation and methodology of equipment preservations.
• Challenges and opportunities in power market.
• Optimisation of inventory and working capital.
• Advance diagnostics and maintenance practices in thermal power plants.
• Refurbishment, renovation, modernization, residual life assessment and extension of older units
• Energy- economics & environment.

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